I’m the forum OP of this Topic slide in DM to know more



You probably didn’t really understand the title, actually I was talking about online language, OP means Original Poster, because I start the discussion, other key words are obvious.

There’s a thing on the internet sphere that we tend to forget too often. Something that is present from the really beginning and still is today a source of information that is very useful to the most of us.

Yes I am talking about forums guys.

From the forum with Geeks talking about games on Origins to the medical forum saying that you’re going to die hen you have a simple headache.
Forum on internet are very old and those are a space of free discussion where the freedom of speaking is highlighted, of course on all forum we have moderator in charge of controlling every message to assure that there’s not disrespectful messages posted.
We have two type of forum, you have the chat that basically a forum where you can freely answer the person that post the first message, in those forum, messages are classify my chronological order, so you can find every single message and follow the chat in a logical order.
The re’s a second type, it is the Q&A forum. Those forums are here to help a person that will post on the forum his issue, then bunch of people will answer trying to solve his problem, but to make it very efficient, answer will receive votes for their appropriateness. The answer are classify by votes, so when you go on the forum you will see the issue at first and then the answers that had received the most votes, you can be sure to have a quick and efficient answer to your question.
There’s a lot of different types of forums, we have the public one where every one can enter, write a message or just oberve the feed. There’s private forums, you can create a private side just for a group of people to share something that you have in common for example without having the whole internet that can see it. Other forums that are also private can be accessible only by an internet or an extranet so it is quite different to enter in because you must have an access. Finally, we can also find Audio Forum where instead of writing a message you just have to record your voice, it is like having a real conversation without seeing each other or even know each other.

To conclude,

you probably don’t realize how useful forums are to you, they told you that you were pregnant when you just had an extra Big Mac in your stomach, there’s clichés about forum, for example (and probably the mot famous one) “Doctissimo” that are part of our life.
They are a huge source of information and there’s a lot of things to learn from them, they take a huge part of the internet and it is very useful to post on forums, participate to a discussion and if you’re a bit adventurous you could launch your own forums website and start a new business activities thanks to internet !

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