ISCOM student analyse the impact of digital evolution.

Myths and Heroes. Mythologies and legends. Stories and whispers.

A little bit about myself, you must know i’m a weirdo. In Fact i’ve made my weirdness a strength when i’ve assumed it. For the coming article I hope you will see my personality in every bytes of it. Nowadays people wants to achieve power, fame, wealth or other things, but just like Dam’s said : “Jfinirai comme l’infinité” (means that i want to reach immortality, Damso sing it in Smog).

Everything interests me as long as it is animated by values. In my very opinion, everything is interesting when you understand what it embodies. Poetry, Painting, Martial arts, Rap, and uncountable others. I’ve chosen the topic of art to describe the way that the digital shaped our behaviors when you are confront to it. In order to show its impact, i analyze many different media of pop culture : Cinema, comics, video games, etc… (I will also talk about Netflix don’t worry) Enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to comment any questions ! I will be please to answer them 🙂

For those who wants, we can also have a movie quote battle in comments if you don’t find your interest in my articles.